Aubrey de Grey connoted this as “longevity escape velocity”.


Sun, Apr 4, 2010

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Aubrey De Grey’s Thoughts on Living to a Thousand

There are many who refute Aubrey De Grey’s perception that the first person to ever live for a thousand years can already be 60 years today. However, biological immortality remains a visionary dream. Living to a hundred is possible but living to 10 hundreds seem unrealistic to many. There are those who believe in it, and they support it with historical facts and scientific evidence.

It is very likely that a few hundred people who are 60 years today will live to above 110 years. The changing patterns in mortality and life expectancy is portraying that living longer is more than just a mere visionary dream. Aubrey de Grey has categorized people according to their age, for instance, the 1945 elite is a group of elders that are above 60 years.

People are healthier and enjoy higher standards of livings. The result is remarkable. Many of the 1945 elite will be as robust and healthy at 85 as they were when they were in their 60s. This will all be unveiled in 2030.

Aubrey De Grey explains his philosophy of living to a thousand

In 2030, medical advancement might have reached unprecedented levels. Regenerative medicine might already be available to expand the life of people another 25 or 50 years. There will properly be several therapies or treatments geared towards repairing or preventing molecular and cellular damage causing aging. Assuming that this type of technology will be available, then in 2055 the 1945 elite group will likely still physiologically resemble a 60 years old individual.

The therapy that enabled the cohort to live another 25 to 50 year will radically improve during the years. These people would properly thereafter be able to undergo therapies that would constantly rejuvenate their bodies. The body will, however be doomed to emerging imperfection of aging during the time where medical advancement is in clinical and trial phases.

There seems to be nothing that obviates the 1945 elite to reach a four-digit life span. Aubrey de Grey connoted this as “longevity escape velocity”.

Source: Aubrey De Grey; response to an email


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