CD8+Т-клетки памяти

Vezys V, Yates A, Casey KA, Lanier G, Ahmed R, Antia R, Masopust D. Memory CD8 T-cell compartment grows in size with immunological experience.
Nature. 2008 Nov 12.
In this study the autors have demonstrated that the size of the memory CD8 T-cell compartment doubled to accommodate the new cells, a change due solely to the addition of effector memory CD8 T cells. This increase did not affect the number of CD4 T cells, B cells or naive CD8 T cells, and pre-existing memory CD8 T cells specific for a previously encountered infection were largely preserved. Thus, the number of effector memory CD8 T cells in the mammalian host adapts according to immunological experience. Developing vaccines that abundantly introduce new memory CD8 T cells should not necessarily ablate pre-existing immunity to other infections. 
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